Friday, January 4, 2013

Fit Chick

                                                                                                            ... I got 'em !

In my quest to continue staying in the gym and getting in the best shape I can be in, I got myself some new running shoes. They are Reebok Smoothflex Cushrun ( whatever the heck that means). I've been running since May- usually no more than 2.5 miles at  a time but I usually combine some walking wih my running as well and am currently training for my first 5k. My old shoes were OLD and smelly and not supporting my feet properly. I read some reviews of these online and they seemed fine, and from what I can tell so far feel like a dream on my feet- MAJOR difference from my last shoes. The color.. well, it's a little brighter than I had expected. I mean, I wanted something fun & bright- but these things are like traffic-stopping. I still kind of like them though and am definitely keeping them.. so that's that. 

I'm super nervous because I will be putting these bad boys to the test tomorrow morning in a class I'm taking for the first time. My new apartment in Center City is right next door to a personal training studio and so I have finally bitten the bullet if you will and signed up for a class tomorrow! 

Wish me luck in my new kicks y'all!

XOXO Natalie